Planned releases

This document describes the planned releases of FKache. If you miss something, or see something which is too far ahead, dont hesitate to contact us , after all, we do this for you. ;)


For the first release the following points will be targeted:

  • 95% JUnit test coverage
  • All methods implemented
  • For a unmodified FKache distribution (no disk, and no distribution) the performance is inside 150% of a regular HashMap implementation
  • Add support for different caching strategies


For this release the following are planned:

  • Add all known caching strategies, a complete list will be available shortly.
  • Better performance than the rest of the Caching libs.
  • Support for plugging into Hibernate
  • Available via Spring framework. (possibly with an adapter)
  • Support for properties/xml live configuration. (No need to restart FKache)


For this release the following are planned:

  • Add a SQL caching framework for automatic caching of DB code.
  • Add a Servlet/JSP caching framework for automatic web caching.
  • Add a admin servlet/JSP.
  • Add support for JMX MBeans.
  • Check support for Java 1.3/1.4/1.5 (different versions?)
  • Automatic memory calculation, no need to explicit define the size of objects when inserted into a memory sensitive cache.


For some version after 1.2 an automatic statistics module will be programmed, which will continously watch FKache, and switch/combine different algorithms, enable/disable disk/distribution for best performance.