FKache changes

Release History

Version Date Description
1.0-beta7 2009-11-28 general update release
1.0-beta6 2005-02-26
1.0-beta5 2004-10-25
1.0-beta4 2004-10-25
1.0-beta3 2004-09-21
1.0-beta2 2004-09-11
1.0-beta1 2004-07-06
1.0-alpha6 2004-05-13
1.0-alpha5 2004-01-11
1.0-alpha4 2003-11-26
1.0-alpha3 2003-10-20
1.0-alpha2 2003-06-05

Release 1.0-beta7 - 2009-11-28

Type Changes By
update Updated build system to Maven 2.2.1 fjankk
update Moved sourcecode from CVS to SVN, and reformatted the code fjankk
update Updated source and target JVM to Java 1.6 fjankk
update Updated site documents to reflect the change from maven 1 to maven 2. fjankk
fix Made a small change to code, so the junit tests do not fail anymore fjankk

Release 1.0-beta6 - 2005-02-26

Type Changes By
update Deprecated lots of classes as step two in the refactoring to adjust to the Draft JCache API. fjankk

Release 1.0-beta5 - 2004-10-25

Type Changes By
update Updated the disk-write mechanism to not be so verbose for performance reasons. fjankk
update Deprecated the CacheAccess class, and moving features to the CacheMap class. Unwanted features are removed. fjankk

Release 1.0-beta4 - 2004-10-25

Type Changes By
fix Fixed bug with CacheObjectInfo and Expires String. It wrongly reported 12 hours in a day when it should report 24. Also fixed attribute inheritance from groups. Fixes 1035446. fjankk
fix Fixed bug with invalidate on objects inside groups. Fixes 1037576. fjankk
fix Fixed bug with cachesweeper on stop/start of the cache. Fixes 1037611. fjankk
fix Fixed bug with cachesweeping and groups. Fixes 1037613. fjankk
fix Fixed a bug/not implemented feature. Groups are now checked for existence before inserted into the cache. fjankk
update deprecated Attributes constructor and factory method. Made new Attributes factory method in CacheAccessFactory. This is done to make the migration easier for the users. Attributes will be an interface later. fjankk
update Removed throws CacheNotAvailableException in CacheAccessFactory.getInstance(). is now replaces with an appropiate InvalidStateException (which is a RunTimeException, so its not neccessary to catch.) fjankk

Release 1.0-beta3 - 2004-09-21

Type Changes By
update Optimized CacheAccessFactory and made some optimization changes on the SimpleClient. Performance tuned the Map Access. fjankk
fix Fixed bug with TTL larger than one sec. Strange stuff... had to call System.runFinalizers() and System.gc() three times after one another. Fixes 1027274. fjankk
update Finished the performance testing framework. fjankk
update Renamed from JCacheOS to FKache to avoid confusion between this OS library and the upcoming JSR. fjankk

Release 1.0-beta2 - 2004-09-11

Type Changes By
add Adds and deletes from grous is now possible through the Map interface. fjankk
fix Fixed incorrect implementation of default TTL. Fixes 1025081. fjankk
fix Fixed a bug in ObjectInfo. getExpires did not return the correct value, if the objct had a TTL, or a Default TTL, or if it did not have a TTL at all, alias Object does not expire. Fixes 1024477. fjankk
fix Implemented default time to live. The default time to live is now inherited from the group/region. Fixes 1017008. fjankk
fix A group was counted as an object when used with the maxObjects feature, so you was not allowed to put as many objects as you wanted, because the groups also counted. Fixes 1017416. fjankk
fix Fixed TTL used with groups Bug. When TTL was set on an object placed in a group, if was not removed from the cache, but still the cache reported it as removed. Fixes 1017460. fjankk
fix Fixed bug on invalidation of groups. running invalidate on a group no longer throws exceptions. Fixes 1011973. fjankk
fix Completed the switch from my own concurrency implementation to Dough Leas concurrent library. fjankk
fix Added an extra check for distribution on replace to avoid NullPointerException. JUnit tests for this exception is in place. Also added extra checks for invalid arguments on all versions of CacheAccess.replace(). Fixes 1010549. fjankk
fix Fixed an issue with the disk caching system. An object retrieved from disk was not equal to the object spooled down to disk. fjankk
fix Removed asyncronous writes to disk to avoid the queues flowing over and generation OutOfMemoryError. The disk writes are now syncronous, thus an object which cannot be written to memory will be written to disk, and the add method will also take longer, but no error will occur. Fixes 994520. fjankk

Release 1.0-beta1 - 2004-07-06

Type Changes By
fix Removed some unused methods, fields, and changed some dubious code. fjankk
fix Added support for CacheEventHandlers on invalidate. Fixes 974616. fjankk
fix Added support for max objects in the memory cache, and added support for specifying the maximum size for the DiskCache. Fixes 974609. fjankk
update Restructured some of the maven generation, updated some plugins, and made the build process more stable and faster. fjankk
add Added more examples, a faq and some more JUnit tests. fjankk
update Enhanced the distribution mechanism. (It works now), and added a constant in CacheEvent (as per JSR specs), Commented out distribution of object additions (as per JSR specs), Added call back to subscribers upon local invalidate. Fixes 974610. pfajeau
update Corrected some JavaDocs. fjankk

Release 1.0-alpha6 - 2004-05-13

Type Changes By
update Improved performance an order of magnitude. fjankk
add Added support for distribution. fjankk
fix Corrected bugs in the disk-cache system which caused it to fail totally. fjankk
add Added support for java.util.Map. Can be retrieved by using CacheAccessFactory.getMapAccess() fjankk
update Continue switch from my own sucky implementation of concurrency, threading, queues etc, to Dough Lea's util.concurrent, in particular changed the internal HashMap to ConcurrentHashMap, and removed all synchronized blocks. fjankk
update Renamed package javax.jcache to javax.util.jcache. fjankk
update Added support for FileBased CacheLoaders. fjankk
fix Some refactorings to make sure the behaviour is consistent. fjankk
update Implemented all methods in CacheAccess unrelated to distribution. fjankk

Release 1.0-alpha5 - 2004-01-11

Type Changes By
fix Made several refactorings to make the code behave consistent. fjankk
fix Fixed a bug where under certain circumstances a null reference would be returned from FKache. fjankk
update Started switching from my own sucky implementation of concurrency, threading, queues etc, to Dough Lea's util.concurrent. fjankk
update Almost fully implemented CacheLoding. Streaming-CacheLoading is implemented. CacheLoader objects in groups is now possible. the three preLoad() methods in CacheAccess is implemented. Just File-CacheLoading is missing. fjankk
fix Fixed NullPointerException in Cache.flush(); fjankk
fix Fixed NullPointerException in CacheAccess.getAttributes(Object); fjankk
fix Fixed a calculation bug in Attributes.timeToSeconds(int, int, int, int); fjankk
update Formatted all sources and added Copyright header. fjankk

Release 1.0-alpha4 - 2003-11-26

Type Changes By
fix Corrected some concurrency issues. This version is now Thread Safe. fjankk
fix Corrected some NullPointerExceptions. fjankk
add Added support for not wiping objects which are in use. fjankk
add Added more JUnit tests. fjankk
update Cleaned up some of the code. Added some more JavaDocs. fjankk
update Switched build system to Maven, restructured the CVS tree as a result. fjankk

Release 1.0-alpha3 - 2003-10-20

Type Changes By
fix Several minor bugs fixed. fjankk
add A disk spooling system has been added. fjankk
update More updates to the javadocs. fjankk

Release 1.0-alpha2 - 2003-06-05

Type Changes By
add Added support for a basic CacheLoader. fjankk
update Updated lots of Javadocs. fjankk
fix Fixed some stability issues with the CacheSweeper. fjankk
fix Fixed some unimplemented methods, and some methods wich did not behave correctly. fjankk